The son was was given forty year sentence but after the man of God Pst Antoni prayed for her in one of the DAY OF RECOVERY last year the son was MIRACULOUSLY released now Pst Olu testifies.Call 2348033021979 now for your seat reservation in the next DAY OF RECOVERY this June 10th by 4pm in Lagos Nigeria.


In April 2009,Mrs Comfort Olapani met pastor Antoni Okoh for the first time when the DAY OF RECOVERY was held that month in America.During that meeting, the man of God asked everyone present to raise a prayer cry for those women trusting God for the fruit of the womb.As the prayer went on;pastor Antoni’s eye fell on Mrs Comfort,unknown to her God had singled her out that day for a miracle.The man of God walked up to her and with precision he described her case.It turned out that Mrs Comfort had been married for four years without children.The man of God,pastor Antoni told her that God was saying that this is the last time she would be saying prayers concering the fruit of the womb;
he assured her that by his next visit,she would stand tall to testify of the Lords Goodness and to the glory of God that was exactly what happened.
The next time the man of God visited, Mrs Comforts’ testimony was one of the most resounding testimonise.She was already pregnant.Today Mrs Comfort is a joyfull mother of a set of twins,the desire of her heart was met by God, Halleluiah.