Invite Pastor

How to invite Pastor Antoni

Because we receive more invitations than we can possibly accept, we have developed the following general guidelines to make our work efficient.
After receiving a ministry’s invitation, it is submitted to our Leadership board for prayerful consideration, you will thereafter be notified of our decision in a week’s time.

The Ministry Team
The Ministry team is headed by one of our Associate Pastors, the goal of the ministry team is to raise future teams in other ministries that want to serve more effectively.


Meeting with your ministry team
Our Associate Pastor will meet with the workers that make up your ministry team, briefing them on the order of the meeting and the expectations of Pastor Antoni in order to improve efficiency. Please set aside a time and a venue for this meeting, an hour before the first meeting starts.

Event planning
All events are started and carried to completion by the local organizers in cooperation with the ministry team of Sovereign Word Church.
It is the policy of the church that Pastor Antoni travels and ministers with his core team unless otherwise indicated.
Having invited Pastor Antoni, the organizers will provide volunteers to serve in various capacities before, during and after the event. We request that a book stand be made available for our teaching materials, books and CDs. A trained staff should be on ground to handle the sales.

Travelling team: Pastor Antoni & one ministry member, worship leader (when indicated)

Flight and Accommodation Arrangements
The organizers are responsible for the purchase of the flight tickets of the afore mentioned team. It is recommended that the tickets be purchased no later than one month in advance for cost effectiveness.
Should Sovereign word church be asked to make flight arrangements; the following shall apply:
SWC will book for tickets and hold them for 24 hours (please be aware of flight charge prices, they fluctuate regularly.
The organizers will be invoiced for the total amount.
The total amount shall be wired within 24 hours to the bank account of Sovereign Word Church.
The organizers are responsible for the hotel accommodation of each of the ministries team when Pastor Antoni is not travelling alone.

At times, pastor Antoni likes to meet with local church leaders and those who are instrumental in the local ministry, but please do not schedule other engagements or meeting for him without prior approval or without communication to his personal assistant.
Please do not allow the name, address, telephone and room numbers of the hotel to be made known to the public or local church members under any circumstances, as we would like to keep our focus on the mission at hand.

We look forward to creating a lasting partnership with you to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation.


Pastor Antoni’s Swift Account

Account name; Pastor ANTONI OKOH.

Swift code: BOFAUS3N.

Account: 2150071886.

Bank of America. 11525 crenshaw blvd. Inglewood ,C A 90303. Usa