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Pastor Antoni Okoh is the founder of Sovereign Word Church and Human Healing International, a healing outreach ministry of the church. Pastor Antoni for years has touched and impacted the lives of people in major cities of the world through his healing ministry that has witnessed the awesome presence of God as demonstrated through miracles made manifest in his healing meetings.

His Crusades and healing outreaches have spanned major cities in Africa, Europe and the United States of America. The church has a thriving fellowship in Pamplona, Spain with the intent of spreading to other cities in Europe.

As a teenager Antoni Okoh was completely bedridden at the age of 14 due to a strange attack on his body. At the hospital he was diagnosed of having tuberculosis which at that time had spread all over his body. He was discharged from the hospital since medical science could not offer anything, but for the timely intervention of the crusade hosted by the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa with R.W Shambach as guest minister the sickness could have terminated the life of young Antoni Ohok. In that crusade held in December 1982 at Benin City, Nigeria, he was supernaturally raised. In a matter of weeks he went back to school with increasing strength.

That experience ignited a passion in him to see the sick healed and restored. Throughout his secondary school and University education he never allowed a week go without ministering to the sick. This passion has become his mission. For years he carried a dream in his heart to help those who suffer in pain and sickness like he once suffered. He wanted to provide a place where hurting people would come and have faith put into them for their recovery. This has lead to the establishment of the Sovereign Word Church and her Recovery Centers located at the very heart of Lagos, with a regular weekly telecast on several television stations. He co-pastors with his wife Lucy. They are blessed with three children Joanna, Eleazar and Shiloni


Pastor Antoni is the host of Moments of Recovery, a weekly telecast on several television networks. People’s lives and destinies have witnessed a complete change since their encounter with this anointed servant of God. He co-pastors with his lovely wife, Lucy.